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Month: May 2019

View Painting in a Room Feature

View Painting in a Room Feature

View Painting in a Room Feature | Fine Art Publishing

Fine Art Publishing is proud to offer the best in high quality Fine Art Limited Edition Prints from our esteemed represented artists. When it comes to choosing the exquisite print for your home, Fine Art Publishing’s website offers the unique “View in Room” feature for every painting offered from our master artists. This function allows you to explore the artistic composition of a painting in a room. We have several template room pictures so you can plug in your selected art piece in order to see the painting on display in context. Plus, you have the option to upload your own photo of your home to test the feel of the high-quality print in any room or location in your home or business.

Choosing the Painting Location

Art is a visual experience that tells a story from a moment in time that touches the soul. There are many components involved when considering the right match between painting and room placement. A vital considerations is the color palette. While matching the color of a painting to the color of the wall or other components of a room can work, it is by no means essential. In fact, using the opposite colored painting can create a striking effect which highlights the art piece. Another part of the equation is the frame. The frame of a premium canvas print can act as a buffer between diverse color schemes as it transitions from the wall to the painting itself. The key is to look for an art piece that is attractive to you—consider how the color interacts, but don’t be overly concerned with matching colors. Fine Art Publishing does not sell the frame to the painting because we believe that every fine art edition should be framed to each individual’s needs; however, consider the possibilities that choosing an appropriate frame can offer as you make your fine art collection decision.

The Impact of Fine Art Limited Edition Prints

The most important element for your decision is the emotional impact of the piece you choose.  A poignant art piece tells a story; it contains a rich and layered beauty. The Fine Art Print you choose should carry a deeper meaning than simply a subject in a setting executed well by the painter–rather, the piece will  strike at something ineffable inside. Plus, powerful art will grow and change over time—just as we do as people. Yet, if you don’t have an emotional connection to an art piece to begin with, perhaps that painting is not the one to purchase. A piece that inspires a sense of astonishment from the skill of the creation and subject of the representation combined with top-level quality in the print production is the painting you should choose. At Fine Art Publishing we are proud to feature artists we find both inspiring and exceptionally skilled.


About the Artist Howard Terpning

About the Artist Howard Terpning

About the Artist Howard Terpning | Fine Art Publishing

“Before I reached 10 years old, I knew I was going to be an artist.”

Howard Terpning’s journey as an artist follows a winding path to the later renown and success he eventually achieved. It was at the age of 15 that Howard Terpning first became intrigued with the West and Native American culture. He spent time camping with a cousin in Colorado during these formative years. Mr. Terpning first joined the Marines at the age of 17. He served from 1945-1946. He then enrolled in the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts to pursue a career as an artist.

Howard Terpning’s Commercial Art Career

let’s begin wtih all About the Artist Howard Terpning commercial art career. Howard Terpning also studied at the American Academy of Art to further develop his skill as a young artist and painter. Mr. Terpning started his career as an apprentice in the shop of a successful illustrator. He soon began selling his artwork. The artist eventually transitioned into freelance work producing artwork from his home. Mr. Terpning’s art was featured in many magazines such as Reader’s Digest, Newsweek, Time, Feild & Stream, and Good Housekeeping. Mr. Terpning also created over 80 movie posters including for notable films such as The Sound of Music, Doctor Zhivago, The Sand Pebbles, Cleopatra, and the 1967 Gone with the Wind rerelease. Mr. Terpning worked with the Marine Corps once again during the Vietnam war as a civilian combat artist. He produced six works that are now at the National Museum of the Marine Corps.

Howard Terpning’s Fine Art Career

“Never reveal everything in a painting; leave half out. You must leave mystery for the viewer.”

In the mid-’70’s Howard Terpning was ready to pursue his passion for the West and Native American art subjects. In particular, Mr. Terpning was fascinated by the Plains Indians culture and history. To fully immerse himself in the pursuit of mastering his craft, Mr. Terpning eventually moved to Arizona committing himself to the study of Western subjects. His works were featured and sold in many art galleries. Mr. Terpning was soon accepted into two prestigious organizations: the National Academy of Western Art and the Cowboy Artists of America. Thus Mr. Terpning moved into the prolific stage of creating fine art of Western subjects.

Fine Art Acclaim of Howard Terpning

“We could have learned so much from the American Indians, if we had had the interest to listen to them and pay attention to them . . .  We could learn to pay more attention to what goes on around us, to cherish our environment and not abuse it the way we do.”

Howard Terpning’s works have received a myriad of awards and honors. He has been honored with over 60 awards from organizations including the Cowboy Artists of America, the National Academy of Western Art, Autry Museum of the American West, among others. Mr. Terpning has also been honored by Native Americans for his creations. He is often referred to as “Storyteller of the Native American” due to his respect for Native American history and culture, and the pristine quality of his paintings portraying Native Americans. Regarding the work of Mr. Terpning, art critics Thomas F. Tierney and Allen J. Duerr write, “Howard Terpning has received more accolades than any Western artist painting today – and with good reasons: He is a master storyteller. Each of his paintings is a significant work, and his accurate and sensitive depictions of Native Americans will tell their stories for many generations to come.” Fine Art Publishing is honored to offer the highest quality fine art limited edition prints of Howard Terpning’s work.

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