Dealers' Exuberance for Crossing Below the Falls Canvas Matches Ours!

As you know, we have been quite enthusiastic about the impact of our new Crossing Below the Falls canvas. We recently sent out examination proofs to a number of dealers and we couldn't help but share with you some of their reactions:

“The full-size giclée has the dramatic feel of ‘The Force of Nature Humbles All Men.’ It is a jaw-dropping reminder of Howard Terpning’s immense talent, and in an edition of only 90 it should be a must-have for every Terpning collector.” - Jay Brown, ArtUSA

“Terpning’s masterpiece forever captures natures timeless power and mankind’s meaningful, though brief journey through it.” - Ed Harri - Wenaha Gallery

“If you missed Force of Nature you now have a chance to obtain a fabulous water piece by Howard at release price. It is stunning in person.” - Dianne Borsini-Burr, Borsini-Burr Gallery


THANK YOU!!! Status Symbols sells out in under 2 months with The Ploy about to sell out in under 1 month! This is truly amazing. We knew that the art was enjoyed but this shows how much it is truly loved and appreciated! Many thanks from all of us at Fine Arts Publishing and Howard Terpning Himself.


Howard Terpning turned 90 this year! Fine Art Publishing is celebrating Howard's 90th birthday by launching a special new series of limited editions of some Howard's classic works - the Howard Terpning 90th Birthday Series™. The reception has been positive and we have been selling extremely well. In fact, we just sold out at publisher on 12/29/2017.

WINNER! Howard Terpning Print of Cheyenne Mother


The beautiful print of Howard Terpning's "Cheyenne Mother" was won by Mark Dickinson last month. Mark received the print due to his participation in our Instagram contest using the hashtag #TerpningContest and is thrilled with his prize. We thank Mark for his engagement and encourage others to be on the look out for further contests through our website and social media.

Win a Howard Terpning Print of Cheyenne Mother


Post your favorite Howard Terpning painting with the hashtag #TerpningContest on Instagram. Your post is one entry to win a print of Howard Terpning's Cheyenne Mother. You must be 13+ to participate. This contest is not affiliated with Instagram. Contest ends 09/15/17 Noon PT.

Cheyenne Red Shield


Cheyenne Red Shield (12"H x 9"W)
Cheyenne Red Shield - Artists Proof - (12"H x 9"W)

Among the Northern Cheyenne people, there was a society called The Red Shield Society, or the “Bull Soldiers.” This was the only soldier band so far as is known that carried a shield distinctive to the organization. The shields often had the buffalo tail hanging from the bottom. The members wore the skin of a buffalo bulls head with the horns attached. Once a man was elected to the society, he was a member for life.

Artists Proof Release


Fine Art Publishing is excited to release 5 new Artist Proof paintings available for purchase now; They Came From Nowhere, Council Regalia Personal Commission, Guarding The Lodge, Far Seeing Glass, and Crows In The Yellowstone.

Artwork Update
Flags on the Frontier Release


Flags on the Frontier (34.5"H x 52"W)
Flags on the Frontier - Artists Proof - (34.5"H x 52"W)
Flags on the Frontier (28.5"H x 43"W)
Flags on the Frontier - Artists Proof - (28.5"H x 43"W)

Fine Art Publishing is excited to announce the release of Howard Terpning’s newest piece: Flags on the Frontier. This print is sure to evoke strong emotions and turn heads among old and young viewers alike.

Artwork Update


Dear Dealers,

As promised, we are making available for your purchase rare Artists Proofs from the family archives. We have posted 5 paper print gems: Color of Sun, Comanche Spoilers, Dust of Many Pony Soldiers/The Warrior set, Hope Springs Eternal - The Ghost Dance, and Isdzans - Apache Woman. We will continue to add every week, so check back often. Seeking Guidance From The Great Spirit ships Wednesday, May 17. You have less than a week to pre-order and secure one of the remaining canvases. We also need dealers with automatics to confirm their allotment so we can open numbers for others if we can. To take advantage of rare works from the family archive, new releases or the backlist, remember to register online if you would like to become an authorized dealer.

Thank you again.
Steven Terpning

New Release: Seeking Guidance from the Great Spirit


Fine Art Publishing's second release - 2017

Available Now for Pre-Order! Shipping starts May 17th.

Native Americans believed that there was a force that ruled nature. Using the pipe as a means of connecting with the great spirit, they would seek guidance from Mother Earth, the Four directions, and the Great Spirit above, to direct their course to a proper resolution of their problems. The Crow People also called the one above, “The First Maker.” They held the bowl of the pipe down and passed the pipe from left to right. Each person in turn saying a prayer. These Crow men are seeking guidance through the smoking of their medicine pipe.