White Man Fire Sticks (Masterwork Canvas Edition)

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Image Size:29"w x 39"h
Limited Edition of:125
Production Date:July 2012
Weight 80 oz
Dimensions 36 × 4 × 4 in
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Image Size

29"w x 39"h

Limited Edition of


Production Date

July 2012


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Warriors engaged in battle, a fine art first for Howard Terpning®. It is a moment captured with a veteran s eye: rarely does a soldier see or is aware of much in battle except what happens immediately around him. This is a classic Terpning, subtle and elegant to the eye because of a powerful and complex design beneath. It is a merging of “The Long Shot” and “The Force of Nature Humbles All Man.”

“White Man Fire Sticks” was the last painting Howard completed before his phenomenally successful one-man retrospective “A Tribute to the Plains People.” It was an image never before seen by the public and it was one of the most popular at the show.

The Native people were awestruck when they first saw firearms carried by the white man and how destructive they were, Terpning says. The early muskets were smooth bore flintlocks and, for their time, were very effective although such a weapon took time to re-load as opposed to the use of the bow and arrows.

To the first Americans, they seemed to be sticks that shot fire out of one end. These two Blackfoot warriors are engaged in a small skirmish with their enemy, possibly the Flatheads. This area is near the Swan River in the Flathead Valley of Montana.

“White Man Fire Sticks” is a rare action piece from Howard Terpning and the response to it has been extremely enthusiastic. It is available as two Fine Art Editions. The striking MasterWork Canvas is at 29″ x 39″ in an edition of 125. A beautiful and very affordable Paper Giclée measures 17 ½” x 23 ½” and part of an edition of 175.

Whether you are a longtime Terpning collector or considering purchasing your first, “White Man Fire Sticks” is an investment well worth making.