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  • Holy Man of the Buffalo Nation painting by John Coleman
  • Cowboy Poetry painting by Bill Anton
  • Shield of Her Husband painting by Howard Terpning
  • Shield of Her Husband painting by Howard Terpning
  • Shield of Her Husband painting by Howard Terpning
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Fine Art Publishing is proud to represent artists of the highest caliber and present you with their incredible artwork. Fine Art Publishing produces only the best Open Edition and Fine Art Limited Edition Canvas Prints. Art is a visual experience that tells a story from a moment in time that touches the soul. There are so many more moments to see and we look forward to bringing you new art and hope you enjoy the stories.

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Room with Dust of Many Pony Soldiers painting

Incredible artists and the best quality fine art canvas prints.

Limited Editions vs. Open Editions

As a premium piece of art Limited Editions are just that, a set number produced and never anymore. A certificate of authenticity accompanies the print which verifies the information while meeting specific standards required for sale in the United States. They are also hand signed by the artist. A lot of time and money goes into producing a Limited Edition from the proofing process, materials, and shipping. They are rare considering the global market. You can own something that very few people in the world can hang on their walls. Considering everything that goes into a Limited Edition, you are truly getting a premium piece of art designed to last a lifetime.

Open editions have no limit on the number produced. However, we do limit the time and only produce open editions for 4 years. They are numbered sequentially with the year produced written below the number. They are not signed by the artist. We also utilize the same inks as Limited Editions because we believe in providing the best quality, both Limited Editions and Open Editions are printed on canvas.


Used on both our Limited Edition Prints and Open Editions, the newest inks provide a breakthrough in print permanence. According to comprehensive tests conducted by Wilhelm Imaging Research, Inc., the world’s leading independent permanence testing laboratory, prints using our latest UltraChrome inks, last up to twice as long as those using previous-generation inks and provide Print Permanence Ratings of up to 200 years for color prints. Certified 100+ year archival by the Fine Art Trade Guild.


We utilize two canvases with the premium Limited Editions receiving the Matte Canvas Prints, with no optical brighteners (OBA-free), yet still bright white. Visually and measurably superior resolution and dmax versus competitors. Matte finish with 19 mil thickness and 450 GSM weight. 100+ years certified archival by an accredited 3rd party.

Open editions are produced on a 100% polyester, satin bright white with a 1 by 1 weave and have a high durability, is easy to stretch, and water resistant.


Used only on our Limited Edition products, our premium canvas varnish is archival certified. Formulated to work perfectly with our color products. UV protection built right in, so your prints will last longer. Certified 100+ year archival by the Fine Art Trade Guild. Open editions are not varnished.

About Fine Art Publishing

& Our Fine Art Canvas Prints

Fine Art Publishing is an art business owned and operated by Steven Terpning. It started to create and sell limited edition fine art canvas prints of the art by Howard Terpning, but quickly expanded to include other artists of excellence and stature. We hold to the exacting standards of perfection in fidelity, archival quality, and integrity that collectors around the world have come to expect of our artists’ work. We will deliver to collectors only the finest editions and art products your money can buy.


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