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About Fine Art Publishing L.L.C

“If someone had told me three years ago that I would be running a publishing company, I think I would have laughed out loud.”

The evolution of the art business has made it far more practical for artists to create their own art publishing programs. After many discussions with the family and a lot of hard thought it became clear that the time was right to make this step. From growing up around art and spending 20 years around the print industry I have learned the importance of running a business that presents art with integrity and of value.

Fine Art Publishing is proud to represent artists of the highest caliber and present you with their incredible artwork. Fine Art Publishing will continue to produce only the best Fine Art Limited Edition Prints. Art is a visual experience that tells a story from a moment in time that touches the soul. There are so many more moments to see and I look forward to bringing you new art and hope you enjoy the stories.

Steven Terpning
President, Fine Art Publishing L.L.C.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Fine Art Publishing L.L.C.?

Fine Art Publishing is an art business owned and operated by Steven Terpning to create and sell limited editions of the art of Howard Terpning and other artists of excellence and stature. We hold to the exacting standards of perfection in fidelity, archival quality and integrity that collectors around the world have come to expect of Howard Terpning’s work. We will deliver to collectors only the finest editions and other canvas art products your money can buy.

What if I am interested in an existing Howard Terpning edition?

Fine Art Publishing is extremely proud of and endorses Howard Terpning’s entire body of work, so much so that it has purchased the entire existing “available at the publisher” inventory and open numbers of Terpning’s work from The Greenwich Workshop®. If a particular edition or book is not “sold out” or “out of print” it will be available for purchase from Fine Art Publishing.

How do I purchase an edition from Fine Art Publishing L.L.C.?

If you have a relationship with an existing gallery or frame shop, you can purchase a Fine Art Publishing edition just as you have in the past. Your local gallery and frame shop will be able to assist you in the framing and display of your artwork.

You can also purchase editions directly from Fine Art Publishing L.L.C.

  1. Use the search at the top of each page to enter a name or subject, or scroll through the thumbnails to find an image you like and click on it. The thumbnails begin on the homepage and are listed in order of release.
  2. Each work of art has its own detail page. You will find a larger view of the art, details of the edition and its status of “Available,” “Limited Availability” or “Sold Out”.
  3. Click the “Place My Order” button and follow the prompts to secure your work of art.
  4. If an edition is “Sold Out” and you have an interest in having us help you locate one on the secondary market, send us an email to: with the print requested and your contact information in order to further assist you.

Fine Art Publishing will ship all artwork directly to you unframed. Some older editions may be shipped stretched, however, most will be delivered rolled in a tube.

What are Limited Edition Prints and Canvases?

Our Limited Edition Prints and Canvases are defined by their use of the most advanced reproduction technologies, acid-free papers & canvases and fade-resistant archival inks. Working with the artist, each potential edition goes through a series of color proofing and adjustments to create an exacting match of the original work of art. Only when the artist is satisfied with that match is the defined and restricted number of canvases or papers produced. Each individual work is inspected and signed by the artist and then consecutively numbered, authenticating that individual piece as approved by the artist. Additionally, each individual work is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity documenting and confirming the details of the edition to which it belongs.

What is the Secondary Market and who sets the value for the art?

One of the exciting facets of limited edition art is that if there continues to be collector demand for a particular edition after the publisher “sells out” of its stock the trading price of an edition can rise. This is purely a function of supply and demand and no individual, gallery or publisher sets the secondary value or price of a given edition. Purchase your work of art because you will enjoy it and if it happens to rise in value that is a benefit of having selected a wonderful work of art to begin with.

Does Fine Art Publishing L.L.C. guarantee the editions it sells?

We provide a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee to retail purchasers buying directly from us. If that’s you and you’re not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, you may return it within 30 days after delivery and receive a refund of your purchase price, provided the product is returned unused and in the same condition it was in when shipped to you. If the reason for the return is a defect in workmanship or materials, we will also refund your shipping charges and reimburse your reasonable return shipping costs. In some cases we may, upon request, repair or replace a defective product instead of giving a refund. See the Terms of Use for details. Please note that we are not responsible for damage of any kind that occurs after our product is delivered to the carrier for shipping.

Are Fine Art Publishing L.L.C. and The Greenwich Workshop related?

No. Fine Art Publishing recently purchased The Greenwich Workshop’s inventory of Howard Terpning editions and The Greenwich Worskhop is now an authorized wholesaler of Fine Art Publishing products, and that’s it. They are independent companies with no common ownership or management. They are not partners or joint venturers, and neither is an agent or representative of the other.

What are the different types of reproduction used on editions sold by Fine Art Publishing L.L.C.?
  1. Giclée (pronounced zshee-clay) Giclée is a digital printing technology in which incredibly fine jets of ink literally “spray” the image onto paper or canvas. This process builds the fine art reproduction in infinitesimal increments as the paper or canvas passes beneath.
  2. Offset Lithography (Print / Canvas) Offset lithography is a photomechanical or digital printing technique that transfers an image from metal or paper plates onto rubber rollers (called printing blankets), then onto the final paper or canvas.
  3. Textured Canvas This unique and complicated canvas technique replicates the look and feel of an original painting, right down to an artist’s brushstrokes. Oil-based inks are laid on a thin piece of oil-based material using the process of offset lithography. A textured mold is created from the original artwork, and heat and vacuum pressure bond this mold to the final canvas.


Some of the words and phrases used on this website are defined or explained below. These terms are listed to keep consistency and avoid confusion.


A large format Greenwich Workshop® fine art edition. A MasterWork® reproduction has at least one side that is longer than 36 inches and has no side longer than 50 inches.


An extra-large format Greenwich Workshop® fine art edition. A MuseumEdition™ reproduction has at least one side longer than 50 inches.


A Greenwich Workshop® fine art edition having an image area of 144 square inches or less.

Anniversary Edition™

A Greenwich Workshop® fine art edition released in commemoration of the Greenwich Workshop’s 30th Anniversary. Anniversary Edition releases are numbered 1/year of production in roman numerals, i.e. 1/MMVIII.

Open Edition

An Edition that is released without a predetermined number of units. Generally, these are not signed by the artist or numbered (though some may be).

Signed by the Artist and Numbered (or S/N)

An Edition is signed by the artist, certifying the artist’s inspection and approval, then numbered.

Edition Size

The edition size is the number of reproductions in any given print or canvas release. There are two numbers on an Edition—for example, 157/250. The number on the bottom (250) refers to the total number of reproductions in the edition. The number above (157) is the number of the individual print.


Dimensions are marked in inches, listed height by width (h” x w”) and refer only to the image area on a print or canvas.

Stretched / Unstretched (Canvas)

Any new canvases produced in 2018 and forward, will only be delivered UNSTRETCHED unless otherwise noted. Previously produced and in stock items, produced in 2017 and prior, that measure 36” or less may be delivered already stretched.

Low Inventory

A Limited Edition that is nearly Sold Out at Publisher.

Sold Out at Publisher

No original inventory of that particular edition remains at The Greenwich Workshop or Fine Art Publishing. Be sure to check with your dealer as they may have one in stock or may be able to locate it on the secondary market.

Artist’s Proof (or APs)

An exclusive subset of any given release traditionally reserved for use by the artist and publisher. Collectors may give greater value to APs, as they are often difficult to obtain. These are signed and numbered separately from the edition. The letters “AP” can be found written beside the numbers, for example, AP 1/20.