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Southwest Native American Art: A Short Peek

From the ancestral Anasazi people dating back to 1400 CE to the modern-day Apache and Pueblo tribes and every Native American tribe and generation in between, each group has found a way to portray their existence in art form. Whether it’s ceramic bowl painting, jewelry making, or basket weaving, artwork all over Southwest America is […]

5 Most Famous Paintings of the Southwest

Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, California, Colorado, Texas, and Nevada make up the American Southwest. This area is famous for its rich Native American culture, and much of the art from the region celebrates the people indigenous to this area.  Fine Art Publishing sells pieces of art from many famous artists who were influenced by the […]

A Brief Look into the Life of the Cowboy Artist: Charles Marion Russell

Born in 1864 near St. Louis, Charles Marion Russell became an internationally revered artist of the American West. He was a prolific painter and sculptor, creating an estimated 4,000 renditions of cowboys, Indians, and Western landscapes in paintings, drawings, and sculptures in wax, clay, and plaster, some of which were also cast in bronze. The […]

What You Need to Know About Frederic Remington’s “The Fall of the Cowboy”

“The Fall of the Cowboy,” painted in 1895 by Frederic Remington, is a somber representation of the demise of cowboys in the American West. It offers the dying lifestyle, which was once a prominent symbol of freedom, both sympathy and respect. Remington is known for depicting the old west in his art, often painting cowboys, […]

Introduction to “The Old Stagecoach” by Eastman Johnson

“The Old Stagecoach,” painted in 1871 by Eastman Johnson, is a rich and dynamic portrayal of post-Civil War life in America. It highlights forward-thinking ideals while acknowledging the lasting, brutal impact of the Civil War in the United States. Many of Eastman Johnson’s paintings depict “slice-of-life” scenes set in the United States before and after […]

Southwest Paintings

Once a part of the painting, landscape served as a backdrop for a figurative painting. Only in the 4 AD did it establish as an independent genre in the East. However, in the southwest, it gave life in the turn of the renaissance period. From Thomas Cole to Thomas Moran, the southwest has attracted artists […]

A Biography of Morgan Weistling

“I am not the most prolific painter around! I decided early on that I would not let a painting out of the studio unless I feel really good about it. Sometimes that means living with a painting for a few months to get a good sense of what is working or not working.” – Morgan […]

A Biography of Scott Tallman Powers – The Artist

Born in 1972 in Birmingham, Alabama, Scott Tallman Powers is an American artist specializing in contemporary and postwar paintings. His artwork is generally picturesque portraits of the everyday day lives of people. Additionally, he is rather famous for the photorealistic nature of his paintings. His artwork has been on the auction block with prices ranging […]

A Biography of John Coleman – The Cowboy Artist

John Coleman, an Arizona-based sculptor, is one of the most prominent artists in western art. His paintings and sculptures have provided a deep insight into the vital aspect of the American past. Moreover, they are a combination of stunning visual detail with simplicity to give a realistic view. John Coleman’s artwork follows the path of […]

Cowboy Paintings

Some of the trending art right now are cowboy paintings, rodeo paintings, and generally, the art of the west. The adventurous spirit of the western genre has attracted one too many. Notable western art painters have delved into the heart of the old west and created images of the time gone by. But, then, the […]