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Canyon de Chelly

5 Most Famous Paintings of the Southwest

Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, California, Colorado, Texas, and Nevada make up the American Southwest. This area is famous for its rich Native American culture, and much of the art from the region celebrates the people indigenous to this area. 

Fine Art Publishing sells pieces of art from many famous artists who were influenced by the unique geography of this area. Both Native Americans and non-Native artists use the desert landscapes of this area as inspiration to create beautiful art.

Southwestern paintings from Fine Art Publishing include original artwork and high-quality prints. Below, you will find more information on some of the most famous paintings of the Southwest. 

1.   Eagle Nest Lake

Celebrated artist Ernest L. Blumenschein created this work in 1933. Worth an estimated $300,000, the painting depicts the picturesque Eagle Nest Lake area. 

The lake is north of Taos, New Mexico, an area known for fine art and Native American spiritual traditions. Blumenschein often depicted the scenic Eagle Nest Lake area in his paintings. 

2.   Crowd at Horse Race

Created by artist Oscar E. Berninghaus in 1946, this painting depicts the annual horse race that takes place during the San Geronimo Festival in Taos, New Mexico, every September.

Worth more than $600,000, this painting captures a historical view of the rugged Taos landscape and the Native American people who called the American Southwest home. This art print is known for its color, tone, technique, and emotion. 

3.   Canyon de Chelly

Canyon de Chelly is one of the most famous paintings of the Southwest. The piece captures the unique red rock landscape found in Northeastern Arizona. Edgar Alwin Payne created the distinctive painting in 1941. 

The original painting is worth an estimated $80,000 and demonstrates the artist’s unique understanding of desert landscapes. 

4.   Canyon Ranch

Executed in 1941, Canyon Ranch is one of Maynard Dixon’s most famous works of art. The print captures the vast desert landscape of Arizona and New Mexico. The art print uses a neutral color palette, unlike many paintings of the Southwest. 

The painting has an estimated worth of up to $250,000 and was inspired by the artist’s first visit to the American Southwest in 1900.

5.   Indian/Horse/Teepee

Executed by Taos Society of Arts founding member E. Irving Couse, this beautiful painting captures the historic way of life of Native Americans in New Mexico. Known for its vibrant color scheme, the print depicts a man and horse standing next to a teepee. 

The artist likely created this painting, now valued at $35,000, while looking east from his home in Taos.

Are you searching for affordable paintings of the Southwest? The influence of Southwestern art on home décor is substantial, and many people choose to incorporate Native American art into their home’s interior design. 

Fine Art Publishing features artists prominent in the region, including Bill Anton, Bonnie Marris, and John Coleman. We feature art depicting landscapes, cowboys, Native American life, and more. Visit our website today to discover a unique print to enhance the décor of your home or office.