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Southwestern Art and the Influence on Home Decor

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Southwestern Art and the Influence on Home Decor

Generally, the artform of the Native Americans from the southwest United States is referred to as “Southwest Art”.

However, in recent times, art by non-native American artisans and artists from the same part of the United States, also comes under the same umbrella term. Pueblo, Hopi, and Navajo tribes are associated with this artwork.

Native American decor is a great way to incorporate their artwork in your home. It can either be an artifact, pottery, wall art, or even a framed canvas print.

Prominent Art Forms of the Tribes

Creativity was sacred and limitless, according to the Native Americans. The artwork was a means of worshipping the Gods. They were inspired by the beauty and their love for nature.

Their ideology permeates their art. The traditional art forms associated with the region include weaving, jewelry-making, pottery, painting, sand painting, basketry, wall art, amongst others.

  • Apache and Sioux are hunting tribes and never settled in one place. Hence, you can find their art in ceremonies jars and containers they use daily.
  • Lakota Sioux Native Americans, on the other hand, made intricate prints on buffalo skins.
  • Hopi consider the Kachinas to be an ally of the Pueblo. Hence, the Kachina dolls signify fertility and give a part of the spirit of a loved one.
  • Stone carving or fetish of the Zuni artist. A fetish is created with the belief that it has supernatural powers.
  • Navajo weavers have been spinning beautiful rugs for more than three centuries now. Their artwork is intricate and is known for its longevity and durability.
  • Artists from the Pueblo tribe developed pottery during their sedentary period. Rather than being an art, it was used in their daily lives.

Art Form of the Pueblo Tribe

Pueblo tribe is popular for their pottery and is one of the most collected artwork.

The Pueblo art is unique to each southwest tribe and remains unchanged for centuries. Pueblo Indians are a collection 0f tribes, including Hopi, Zuni, Taos, and Acoma. Heishi jewelry and pottery were the most popular art forms of the Pueblo tribe.

While few motifs are shared, each Pueblo tribe has its own well-defined form of decor. Long geometric patterns are quite common in their material, pottery, and baskets. Apart from that, artists also present stylized forms of natural elements such as birds, animals, rain, and lightning in their wall art, particularly the Zuni tribe.

Pueblo Artwork in Home Decor

Pueblo pottery is usually quite different from your regular fine art. Unusual shapes and geometrical patterns define this artwork. These qualities make it easy to incorporate into your home decor.

Authentic products are quite difficult to find. This art form may have chips and breaks since they are handmade.

Use a Pueblo pottery as a centerpiece in your living room. Another option is to get framed prints or wall art of the pottery.

Southwestern Paintings

Southwestern prints and wall art are known for their romantic landscapes and bright color depicting the western hemisphere. You can see desert panoramas lined with cacti, canyons, mountains, and valleys.

Another commonality in the framed artwork is the cowboys, horses, and other famous symbols of the wild west.

Color Palette

Southwest palette includes the vibrant color of the desert, like copper, gold, grey, silver, ochre, and umber. You can also find a touch of purple, blue, or turquoise color depending on the collection and the artist.

The color palette can trace its roots to the traditional Pueblo homes, most of which are available even today.

How to display artwork without walls. Southwestern art

Incorporate Southwestern Prints in Home Decor

Southwestern art prints can add a spot of bright color to your new home via a beautiful framed print or wall art.

The bold and rich nature of the painting echoes the beauty of wild nature. As for the wall, a warm palette works the best.

Shades of red, orange, yellow, gold, and natural brown give a lovely backdrop to the frame. You can also have a white room with an accent wall in earthy color.

Decorative Accessories

With its motifs and patterns, your framed canvas print or wall art will no doubt be the centerpiece. But it is certainly not complete without a few accessories thrown about. A succulent is a fine art form that can bring life to any room. If you have space available, you can also work pottery, baskets, or rugs in your decor.

Southwestern Artwork

Traditional southwestern artwork includes sand paintings, rugs, and blankets of the Navajo, Kachina dolls by Hopi, Pueblo pottery, jewelry specifically silver and turquoise by Navajo and Zuni artists, to name a few.

Their designs are quite distinct and recognizable by their geometric prints. You can also see their influence in the paintings and wall art too.

Their popularity has gained quite a lot of forgeries, particularly from the Asian sweatshops. If you are looking to shop their collection, contact reputed websites or galleries that display the artwork of tribally recognized artists.

You can get their address from websites promoting native art.

Southwestern Fine Art in Home Decor

Southwestern style and art are quite popular due to their rustic charm and beauty.

The important design elements include prints, wooden tables, leather, tribal-inspired upholstery, etc. Classic wall art prints of pottery, fields, or even photographic print work well in traditional homes.

The southwestern art print takes its cue from the native culture and also the landscapes. Hence, you can see a distinct free-spirited, playful nature in the wall art and canvas prints.

Here are a few tips for pulling off this delicately balanced look in your decor.

Maintain the Balance

Southwest artwork is all about patterns that add an extra dimension to your interior.

When adapting it to the home decor, you can look for the tribal prints on blankets, throw pillows, etc., to give a more luxurious feeling to the room.

Your wall color also plays an important part. So choose one with neutrals and fall colors. For canvas art, check out the frame-less versions or prints with a hidden frame.

If you find them overwhelming, consider going for a white background with the wall art as an accent. And keep an eye on the material.

Velvet, wool, and flannels work for winter. But, cotton and linen are the material for summer.

Simplicity is Always the Best

Southwestern art relies on simplicity.

It uses material that blends with the surrounding. Incorporating wood and metal products also brings the air of southwestern decor.

To pull off the look, go for canvas prints on one just wall with the rest, white. You can take the prints to the upholstery as well.

Ensure you shop for your required products with care. They should be available in galleries run by native Americans.

If you wish to extend the theme to the bath, shop for bath accessories tribal prints. Keep an eye on the offers. The best time is to include them in your holiday shopping.

Southwestern Wall Art

The best part about southwest decor is that you can make the art your own quite easily.

For example, why place the colorful Navajo rug on the floor. Hang it up there on the wall as a statement piece.

Tribal baskets are a true work of art. Instead of hiding it away, have them up as a wall art along with a frame if available. It, combined with the earthy wall color, gives the room a rustic desert charm.

Again, shop for the wall art in a reputed website or gallery that offers authentic artifacts.

Are You Ready To Hang A Beautiful Southwest Art Canvas On Your Wall?

Southwest art is all about natural beauty in warm colors.

They have a distinctly bohemian look that you can seamlessly incorporate into your home decor with canvas art.

  • Draw attention to your canvas with meaningful key elements. Make sure they are in the same concept as your art.
  • Your color palette should complement the canvas. Take a cue from the art itself for a more southwestern look.
  • Southwestern-inspired prints in accent chairs and tables add a bold and colorful look.
  • Bring the ruggedness of desert nature into your home with wooden and metal pieces.


Southwestern art originated in the southwest of the United States among the native-American tribes. They are signified by geometrical patterns on practical objects such as rugs, baskets, jars, leather, and such.

Southwest artwork can be integrated into your home decor quite easily. Frame-free prints, baskets, rugs, canvas, etc. are some of the ways you can incorporate them.

As they can be expensive, look for offers and preferably do your shopping during a sale.

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