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3-Step Guide on How to Choose a Painting

3 Step Guide On How to Choose a Painting

How to Choose a Painting | Fine Art Publishing

When you are ready to purchase a top-quality painting print for your home, you may be wondering how to go about choosing the best premium canvas for you. To help you on your journey of selecting the right piece, we would like to offer some considerations. At Fine Art Publishing we are passionate about the power of art to tell a story and expose the viewer to an experience. Because we care about helping people access the highest quality vintage prints, we would like to discuss what goes into choosing an art piece that is right for you.

1. Choose a Painting with Premium Print Quality

The first priority for choosing a painting is the quality of the rendition. A sub-par canvas print will only leave you disappointed. When it comes to your art purchase it is a must that the print looks the part. A sloppy copy can never function as a serious and moving piece of art. It is essential that the print canvas you examine be crafted with premium ink on a high-grade matte canvas and be protected with archival certified varnish. Art is a moving visual experience that tells a story from a moment in time that touches the soul—so be sure that the print you choose is of the highest quality.

2. Choose a Painting with the Right Color for Room Placement

There are several elements involved when considering the right match between painting and room placement. One of the foremost considerations is the color palette. While matching the color of a painting to the color of the wall or other components of a room can work, it is by no means essential. In fact, using the opposite colored painting can create a striking effect which highlights the art piece. Another part of the equation is the frame. The frame of a premium canvas print can act as a buffer between diverse color schemes as it transitions from the wall to the painting itself. The key is to look for an art piece that is attractive to you—consider how the color interacts, but don’t be overly concerned with matching colors.

3. Choose a Painting that Inspires You

By far the most important factor for your decision is the feeling of the piece. How does the painting touch you in an emotional sense? In our humble opinion at Fine Art Publishing, we believe you should have an emotive reaction to any art piece you choose to invest in. A sense of awe, pride, inspiration, sadness, beauty, anguish, longing—something powerful or subtly so, but something that moves the heart. The piece you choose should strike at something ineffable inside. Powerful art will grow and change over time—just as we do as people. Yet, if you don’t have an emotional connection to an art piece to begin with, perhaps that painting is not the one to purchase. A piece that inspires a sense of astonishment from the skill of the creation and subject of the representation combined with top-level quality in the print production is the painting you should choose. At Fine Art Publishing we are proud to feature artists we find both inspiring and exceptionally skilled.

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