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Why Historical Paintings Matter

Why Historical Paintings Matter

Contemporary artists creating historical paintings fulfill a unique role in our world. These painters choose to craft their work with historic characters operating in various environments of the world. While there are innumerable possibilities of settings and scenes to depict throughout history, paintings of the American West hold a special place in the annals of historical art. Luminaries of Native American and cowboy historical paintings such as Howard Terpning, John Coleman, and Morgan Weistling, set the standard for quality and passion. These artists and many others capture a unique historical and cultural phenomenon, which unfolded in modern areas of U.S. and Mexico.


Historical Paintings Honor Culture

Painters of historical subjects pay tribute and give honor to the culture depicted in the art. Terpning, for example, explains his passion this way: “American Indian history fascinates me. I feel privileged to be one of their storytellers. I think it’s important to tell the story of the Plains Indians because their history is our history . . . part of our heritage. The history of the West is the only history America has that is uniquely our own.” Indeed, Native American history is intimately related to the complex tapestry of history in this distinctive region of the world. Artists such as Bill Anton focus on cowboy subjects in the American West. Historical paintings of these subjects reflect the intimate connections between man and nature.


Historical Art Helps Us Remember

American history is filled with complex and interrelated cultural clashes and experiences. Native American culture is an incredibly rich and diverse subject spanning hundreds of different tribes across the American continent. Tragedy, heroism, pain, turmoil, survival, and every other imaginable human experience can be witnessed in the limitless narratives of the American West. Scott Tallman Powers is another exceptional painter who excels at capturing the human element of various cultures and communities across the world. Morgan Weistling often features frontiersmen, women, and children engaging in everyday activities. Such works are snapshots of different times, locations, and cultures, but the human experience is the common thread running through the art.


Art Connects Viewers to Common Roots

Many folks invest in historical paintings for their home collection out of a sense of connection with the subject. Cultural identity in the American Southwest runs deep. The stories of those who lived in the geographical regions across the American lands are part of the DNA of America. Even for those who do not share a direct connection to subjects of American West art, such paintings speak on multiple levels to the human experience with aesthetically rich and inspiring craftsmanship as well. A scene of American Indians traversing the wild, expansive American plains on a hunt, a blacksmith forging tools, or fruit vendor laying out his fares are a few of the limitless possibilities of historical paintings.


Build Your Own Historical Art Collection

High-quality historical paintings tell a story and elicit emotional responses from viewers. Moving art pieces help to create a lush and cohesive home ambiance giving you personal satisfaction as a collector. One of the best ways to go about making your own art collection is with high-quality prints from artists of the highest caliber. Fine Art Publishing is the premier publisher of contemporary historical paintings from leading artists in the field. Find the American West painting that speaks to you from our extensive collection. Fine Art’s limited edition canvas prints are the best quality prints money can buy. With exceptional coloring and premium varnish, which is archival, certified, these prints are crafted to last beyond the next 100+ years. Choose from the collection of award-winning art pieces and start or add to your art collection today.

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