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How to Choose Southwestern Décor

How to Choose Southwestern Décor

How to Choose Southwestern Décor

Creating a home environment that embodies the heart and soul of the American West with the warm and colorful southwestern style requires a skilled eye for decoration. Southwestern décor is a vibrant mix of color and stylized materials rooted in the rich history of American, Mexican, and Native influences. Most southwestern decorated rooms will take advantage of desert tones with warm lighting and essential features including Western art.

Find the Style You Prefer

Within the wide scope of southwestern décor, you can choose between a more contemporary style or a traditional leaning. A contemporary southwestern set up may be more minimalist, with dark-wood accents and furniture and accessories that use simple, clean lines; whereas a traditional look will use more vibrant colors and bold features like tasseled rugs and furniture. Either way, to pull off that perfect southwest look, you want to use coloring and accessories that create a cohesive and quintessential style.

Accentuate Your Spaces with Southwestern Paintings

Perhaps the most iconic and essential feature of any southwestern home is the art. Western art is rooted in the history of frontiersmen and women and Native Peoples often focused during the expansionist period in the United States. Cowboy and Native American art capture elements of American identity and culture set to the stunning natural beauty of American landscapes. Western paintings are the perfect way to unify a room under the culturally rich and aesthetically pleasing power of southwestern art.

Southwestern Native American Art

Contemporary artists producing Native American art hold the unique privilege of telling a moving story within the frame of the painting. Luminaries in the field, such as renowned Western painter, Howard Terpning, lauded sculptor and painter, John Coleman, and culturally inspired painter, Scott Tallman Powers, set the standard for contemporary Native American art. Complete your southwestern look with the highest quality limited edition prints of your favorite Western artist.

Southwestern Cowboy Art

Cowboy painters focus on the uniquely American experience borne out of the professional cattle wranglers in Northern Mexico and the American Southwest. Cowboy art often features the cowboy, his horse, and the land. Stunning landscapes with iconic features such as red clay rock formations, desert sunsets, mountain ranges, plains, and all varieties of water forms are the perfect backdrop to set the mood in your southwestern style home. Leading cowboy artists such as Morgan Weistling and Bill Anton are the perfect choices to add to your southwestern art collection.

The Perfect Painting for Southwestern Décor

Once you are looking to for the ideal southwest paintings for your home, you want to consider a number of elements. First, remember that with art, quality is essential. Fine Art Publishing offers the highest quality prints money can buy featuring the leading southwestern painters in the field. Every limited edition print is made with premium quality prints, canvas, and varnish. With Fine Art Publishing prints, your home will be complete with stunning southwest paintings that are visual experiences telling stories that touch the soul. View our comprehensive collection of fine Western art prints and create your dream southwestern decorated home today.

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