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About the Artist Scott Tallman Powers

About the Artist Scott Tallman Powers

About the Artist Scott Tallman Powers | Fine Art Publishing

Scott Tallman Powers is a student of the human experience. With a passion for exploring diverse cultures worldwide through his painting, Powers is a connoisseur of the human spirit. Often featuring unique personalities across various cultures, with cultural architecture and natural landscapes, Scott Power’s art captures the universal connections that span cultural divides of geography and time. Art historian, dealer, and author, R. H. Love, spoke of Power’s work: “With practiced spontaneity, he reveals a rich impasto surface. Without a doubt, Scott Tallman Powers has perfected an outstanding technique that we often refer to as painterly.”

Scott Powers’ Art Career

A little bit About the Artist Scott Tallman Powers. Powers was born in Birmingham Alabama in 1972. Keeping with the legacy of his father who worked as a medical illustrator, photographer, and fine artist, Powers would be found, pencil in hand, drawing constantly from a young age. Learning and creating alongside his father, Powers fostered his love for art from an early age and he continued to pursue his passion into higher education. He studied at the American Academy of Art in Chicago training under leading instructors in oil painting, watercolor, drawing, anatomy, and sculpture. Following his rigorous training at the Academy, Scott worked as an illustrator for a Chicago ad agency before committing full-time to his dream working as a fine artist.

International Acclaim

Ever the storyteller, Powers has traveled the globe portraying people from diverse cultures with nuance and ardor through his painting. As the winner of dozens of prestigious awards, Powers’ work has been exhibited internationally as far as China and in museums and exhibits across the United States. Scott Powers is also the founder of “The Plein Air Painters of Chicago.” In addition, he is a board member and signature member of the Oil Painters of America. Powers has earned acclaim for his Western art pieces featuring cowboys, indigenous peoples and natural settings of America, Mexico, and Central America. Inspired by human emotion and authenticity, his works often focus on diverse people found around the world beyond the American continents as well.

Art Borne Out of Passion

Scott Powers is an internationally renowned artist with the artistic acumen of a true master. His honors span the spectrum with top awards earned at the Salon International, the Plein Air Easton National Juried Competition, and Oil Painters of America’s National Show. He is represented by several national galleries including Settlers West and his work has been exhibited in museum collections in the U.S. and China. Fine Art Publishing is proud to offer the finest quality fine art limited edition prints of Scott Tallman Powers. Browse our extensive catalog to find the piece that moves you. Now that you know a bit About the Artist Scott Tallman Powers you should be able to find the right piece for you.

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