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About the Artist Howard Terpning

Howard Terpning | Fine Art Publishing “Before I reached 10 years old, I knew I was going to be an artist.” Howard Terpning’s journey as an artist follows a winding path to the later renown and success he eventually achieved. It was at the age of 15 that Howard Terpning first became...

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About the Artist Morgan Weistling

Morgan Weistling | Fine Art Publishing “In my paintings, I hope to communicate with the viewer the same emotional response that goes far beyond what decorative art does. There is always that special human moment that I look for that rings true. It can be as simple as the little odd way a child’s...

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About the Artist John Coleman

John Coleman | Fine Art Publishing “I am fascinated how music can convey a mood without lyrics and have often thought sculpture lends itself to that idea. I have always loved history and mythology and feel they are the lyrics to my sculpture; the musical interpretation that engages the emotions....

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