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About the Artist Bill Anton

About the Artist Bill Anton

About the Artist Bill Anton | Fine Art Publishing

“An artist under the spell of the west has the privilege of marshaling the virtues of landscape, figure and equine painting into one supremely paintable subject: the American cowboy. To God be the glory.”

Few modern cowboy artists rival Bill Anton’s prolific and passionate legacy of fine Western painting. Bill Anton has become a household name in the cowboy art world with scores of awards for his American West art. Known for his genuine passion for the subject, highlighting the unique connection between a cowboy, livestock, and the land, Bill’s painting is spontaneous, authentic, and compelling.

Bill Anton’s Fine Art Career

A bit About the Artist Bill Anton. Although Mr. Anton was born in Chicago, he was drawn to the West from an early age. He recalls visiting the West at age seven and vowing to return one day. Bill was exposed to art early and often and he seemed to always have a pencil in hand drawing constantly. He returned to the beauty of the American West, attending Northern Arizona University where he earned his degree in English. With the support of his wife Peggy, Bill devoted himself to his craft. In 1982, he became a full-time artist, studying the natural beauty of his Arizona home. Bill enjoyed riding in roundups, branding calves, and assisting local ranchers, although he never counted himself good enough to be branded a “cowboy.”

Art Style Driven by Passion

Bill Anton draws from his hands-on connection to cowboy life using real-life outdoor settings to inspire his work. Inspired by the work of Zorn, Sorolla, Payne, and Frank Tenney Johnson, Anton works from field studies whenever possible to achieve the vitality photos cannot match. Each work by Anton focuses on more than just the historical experience of the American cowboy–it is an emotional composition that elicits a response from the viewer. As Anton explains, “the focus of my work has always been mood and passion. If I’m recording anything, I’m recording how I feel about the West.”

Fine Art Accolades and Awards

It is no small feat to produce 20 paintings in a year, but Bill Anton exceeded this ambitious mark recently finishing 22 original pieces for his one-man show at the Legacy Gallery in Scottsdale, Arizona. It is impossible to accomplish what Anton has as an artist without an incredible passion for the craft and love of his subject matter. Indeed, it is Anton’s passion for cowboy life and the gorgeous natural landscapes of the American West that inform his award-winning painting. As the winner of some of the most prestigious Western art awards over the past decade, Bill Anton’s work has gleaned tremendous acclaim from his peers and art collectors across the nation. Anton continues to produce the finest quality painting from his home in Prescott. Fine Art Publishing is proud to offer the highest quality prints of Bill Anton’s paintings that can be found in our comprehensive online catalog.

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