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About the Artist John Coleman

About the Artist John Coleman

About the Artist John Coleman | Fine Art Publishing

“I am fascinated how music can convey a mood without lyrics and have often thought sculpture lends itself to that idea. I have always loved history and mythology and feel they are the lyrics to my sculpture; the musical interpretation that engages the emotions. Just as music has a beginning, a middle and an end, so does sculpture.”

John Coleman is an American sculptor and painter whose work focuses primarily on the works of the Southwest American region. He is known for his intricate sculptures of Native American and American explorer subjects. His talent for creating poignant sculpting is also on display in his beautiful painting artistry. Mr. Coleman was born in California in 1949 and his penchant for art was cultivated by his parents and especially his mother who would frequent art galleries with John while on family vacations to Laguna Beach for example.

John Coleman’s Art Career

John Coleman struggled in school and never graduated high school due to difficulties caused by dyslexia. He married his high school sweetheart at 19 and started his own business selling RV awnings at his new home in Parker, Arizona. John grew his business and eventually moved to Prescott, Arizona where he purchased land and businesses. With the success of his business ventures John was able to turn to his true passion and he devoted himself fully to sculpting and painting in 1994. He also began attending classes at the Scottsdale Artist School.

John Coleman Awards and Honors

Lets talk About the Artist John Coleman and his awards. John Coleman soon garnered recognition for his work. He became a member of the National Sculpture Society was inducted into the Professional Sculptors Society soon after starting his full-time artistic career. In 2001 Mr. Coleman joined the Cowboy Artists of America (CAA) and in 2009 he served as the CAA’s president. John has one numerous awards for his art including recognition by the CAA and prestigious awards such as the Prix de West and the Kieckhefer Award. His work is honored and kept on display in various museums including the Phoenix Art Museum and the Joslyn Art Museum.

John Coleman’s Inspiration and Style

John Coleman is an aficionado of Southwestern history and culture. His work captures the beauty and the mystery of the great American pastimes. In particular, Mr. Coleman’s art focuses on the strength, wonder, and pride of Native American subjects. His style reflects a striking realism to almost photographic likeness. His assiduous background in sculpting shines through in his portrait paintings. A master of the human form, John Coleman’s paintings reveal life-like layering of bone, muscle, skin, and garments all laid within a scene with brilliant dances of light, shadow, and natural environment. And while exquisite realism stands as a hallmark of each artistic piece, it is the staging and the background that sets the emotional tone. Every painting is intricately imbued with beauty and the personal touch of a storyteller. Fine Art Publishing is proud to offer the highest quality fine art limited edition prints of John Coleman’s work.

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