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Southwestern-Framed Art

Southwestern-Framed ArtSouthwestern-framed art is a staple for creating the perfect southwestern décor within your home. This style has seen an increase in popularity in recent years. Cacti and llamas are available as décor from nearly every home goods store and big-box location in the United States. A cozy nostalgia marks the décor style. Many of the different pieces give the feel that they have been around for a long time. 

The southwestern-framed art can bring a feel of the southwest into your home, one of the best ways to test out the style to see how it will work for you. There are unique ways to bring different styles into your home with so many Southwest design elements. 

Easy Ways to Bring the Southwest into Your Home 

There are several ways in which you can bring the Southwest into your home:

Keep it Neutral 

One of the easiest ways to create the Southwest look you desire is with a neutral color pallet. Consequently, a neutral color allows you to enjoy all of the southwest’s unique patterns without choosing colors that will clash with furnishings or existing décor. This is a perfect and great way to introduce the southwest into your home. 

Look for Bold Prints

Bold Southwest prints can add a unique touch to your home. Tapestries, vases, and other decorative elements can feature southwest prints along with southwest framed art. 

Use Lots of Prints 

One of the more exciting and unique aspects of prints is that you can use many different patterns that are unique together. Grouping these prints is a great way to bring design elements into your space. Plus, it can be a lot of fun to use different prints combined. 

Consider Leather 

Leather furnishings are perfect for helping create a southwest feel in your home. 

Southwestern-Framed Art - Cattle SkullDon’t Shy Away from Skulls 

Skulls are an obvious choice for adding the southwest to your home. Animal skulls, such as the notorious longhorn bull skull, are some of the best options.

Tips to Buy Southwestern-Framed Art 

There are some dos and don’ts when it comes to choosing a southwestern framed art:


  • Follow your heart to understand the best styles that you think are well aligned with your likings.
  • Consider mixing the southwestern framed art with other décor styles in order to introduce it to your home.
  • Make it personal by choosing pieces that you have a connection with, such as pieces that remind you of a special time or place in your life. 


  • Do not skip the miniatures as they can add a significant impact when clustered together. 
  • Limiting yourself to framed paintings is one of the biggest don’ts.
  • Do not just purchase a piece of art based on who the artist is.

To learn more about the do’s and don’ts in detail, check this article out.

People Also Ask:

What Is a Southwestern-Style Home?

Southwestern-styled homes combine unique elements that are a cross between Native American styles and Colonial Spanish elements. There is an architecture style that is associated with the southwest as well. This style of home is characterized by flat roofs, round log ceiling beams, and covered porches, along with walls made from stone or stucco and have overhangs and/or trellises to protect the home and shade it from the desert sun. 

Is it OK to Mix Decorating Styles?

Mixing decorating styles into a design that makes you happy is something that everyone should consider. You can combine mid-century modern with farmhouse elements or southwest elements with bohemian styles. Mixing décor styles is a great way to show you all of the options you have; check out more great tips on mixing décor styles.

How Do I Know My Decorating Style?

Finding your decorating style is not as hard as most people feel that it will be. There are some simple things that you can do to make sure that you know the style that is going to best suit you. Here is a look at five steps to finding your décor style. 

  • Step 1 – Look for Inspiration – There are many places to find design elements and determine your style. The most popular of these are websites like Pinterest and magazines like Better Homes and Gardens, both of which can offer you the chance to see a plethora of designs that you would enjoy and would like to recreate.
  • Step 2 – Consider an Online Quiz – Many websites offer quizzes online, and most of them might seem like a waste of time, but ones that offer you the chance to determine your design style can be beneficial; for more information, check out this link. 
  • Step 3 – Look at Home Exteriors – When learning your décor style, it might sound out to look at home exteriors. However, when you look for your favorite home exteriors, you can understand your unique style.
  • Step 4 – Check Out Your Wardrobe – Your wardrobe can hold the key to many elements of your style. You will understand your favorite colors, whether you prefer prints to accent or something bolder, and the materials and textures you like.
  • Step 5 – Look at Your Current Décor – Looking at your current décor for inspiration is essential. You will know your favorite colors, the basics of your style, and the overall design. 

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