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A Biography of Morgan Weistling

“I am not the most prolific painter around! I decided early on that I would not let a painting out of the studio unless I feel really good about it. Sometimes that means living with a painting for a few months to get a good sense of what is working or not working.” – Morgan […]

A Biography of Scott Tallman Powers – The Artist

Born in 1972 in Birmingham, Alabama, Scott Tallman Powers is an American artist specializing in contemporary and postwar paintings. His artwork is generally picturesque portraits of the everyday day lives of people. Additionally, he is rather famous for the photorealistic nature of his paintings. His artwork has been on the auction block with prices ranging […]

A Biography of John Coleman – The Cowboy Artist

John Coleman, an Arizona-based sculptor, is one of the most prominent artists in western art. His paintings and sculptures have provided a deep insight into the vital aspect of the American past. Moreover, they are a combination of stunning visual detail with simplicity to give a realistic view. John Coleman’s artwork follows the path of […]

Cowboy Paintings

Some of the trending art right now are cowboy paintings, rodeo paintings, and generally, the art of the west. The adventurous spirit of the western genre has attracted one too many. Notable western art painters have delved into the heart of the old west and created images of the time gone by. But, then, the […]

Famous Artist – Howard Terpning

Howard Terpning is an American painter and illustrator known for his paintings of the Native Americans. He is considered a true master by his peers, collectors, and admirers of the American west. Terpning’s works are centered around what you’d call the wild west. They are historical records of the culture, way of life, and religion […]

American Landscape Painters

Did you know earlier American landscape painters used landscapes as a background for portraitures? At the turn of the 19th century, it became a vehicle for representing American painting. In the beginning, the painters were influenced by the painting style of Europe and the old masters. Later on, styles and genres unique to the country […]

Western Landscape Painting

People have been painting for more than 30,000 years now. Did you know that the earliest oil painting is from the 14th century? But landscapes not so much; they are relatively new. It took much longer for it to evolve into the popularity it has today. Landscape painting portrays scenic views of nature, with it […]

Southwestern-Framed Art

Southwestern-framed art is a staple for creating the perfect southwestern décor within your home. This style has seen an increase in popularity in recent years. Cacti and llamas are available as décor from nearly every home goods store and big-box location in the United States. A cozy nostalgia marks the décor style. Many of the […]

Southwestern Art and the Influence on Home Decor

Southwestern Art and the Influence on Home Decor Generally, the artform of the Native Americans from the southwest United States is referred to as “Southwest Art”. However, in recent times, art by non-native American artisans and artists from the same part of the United States, also comes under the same umbrella term. Pueblo, Hopi, and […]

3-Step Guide on How to Choose a Painting

How to Choose a Painting | Fine Art Publishing When you are ready to purchase a top-quality painting print for your home, you may be wondering how to go about choosing the best premium canvas for you. To help you on your journey of selecting the right piece, we would like to offer some considerations. […]