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A Biography of Scott Tallman Powers – The Artist

Scott Tallman Powers

Born in 1972 in Birmingham, Alabama, Scott Tallman Powers is an American artist specializing in contemporary and postwar paintings. His artwork is generally picturesque portraits of the everyday day lives of people. Additionally, he is rather famous for the photorealistic nature of his paintings.

His artwork has been on the auction block with prices ranging from $1,210 to $19,000. Furthermore, his work is on display in many reputable institutions, including the Autry Museum of the American West.

This article brings you the biography of Scott Tallman Powers and his amazing achievements, awards, and beautiful artwork.

Scott Tallman Powers – The Artist

“Drawing was something that I really loved to do; it made me happy.” – Scott Tallman Powers.

Scott Tallman Powers was born in Birmingham, Alabama, in 1972. His father was a medical illustrator, photographer, and fine artist. Following in the steps of his father, Scott began drawing at a very young age. Watching his father, his passion for art began.

Scott’s education began under extremely influential and supportive art instructors, Chris Franken and John DePinto. Following this, he had his first formal education in the American Academy of Art in Chicago.

Every evening after class, he painted live models at the Palette & Chisel Academy of Fine Arts. After four years of intense study, he trained under many important instructors. His medium of art includes oil painting, drawing, anatomy, watercolor, and sculpture.

Following this, Scott spent few years at the Chicago ad agency as an illustrator. Before long, he was pursuing his passion of being a full-time fine artist.

Awards and Achievements

“I was never tired in art school. And I gave myself more homework than we had in our classes. ” – Scott Tallman Powers.

Scott Tallman Powers is the founder of the Plein Air Painters Chicago (PAPC). It is a weekly outdoor painting group based in Chicago, Illinois. Later, he was invited to be a signature member of the Oil Painters of America.

The works of the American artist can be seen in three museums across the world.

  • The Wengyuan Museum of Fine Art
  • The Shaoguan Museum of Fine Art (Guandong province of China)
  • The Academy Museum (Easton, Maryland)

Besides that, he has participated in many prestigious invitational exhibitions. Furthermore, his works are present in many private collections around the world. Scott’s work has also been featured in many publications such as:

  • American Artist
  • Art of the West
  • Western Art and Architecture
  • American Artist Workshop
  • Southwest Art Magazine
  • Western Art Collector
  • Fine Art Connoisseur

As a feather in his cap, he has also won awards from many national shows such as the Oil Painters of America. The more prominent awards include:

Art and Paintings of Scott Tallman Powers

“Depending on how complex a painting is, especially if it has many different people, it could take me a month or two to complete. I’m usually working on about five paintings at a time, all at various stages.” – Scott Tallman Powers.

Painting of Scott Tallman Powers

Scott’s inspirations come from the many different cultures around the world. He has traveled the length and breadth of the world for inspiration. Additionally, his search for the balance between cultures forever fuels his subject matter. He also portrays diverse cultures with subtlety and refinement. His artworks feature cowboys and indigenous people in their native setting in the American Continent.

  • La Bailarina – A woman draped in traditional dress dancing away in the town center
  • Sisters – A market scene featuring two sisters who run their stall
  • Ajo y Cebollas– An older woman setting up her stall in the market
  • Spoon Man – An older man playing guitar using a spoon as a pick
  • Market Revelations – A market scene featuring two women


“I want my art to be an equalizer, to find the similarities and commonalities among cultures. It’s easy to look at the differences between us. It’s harder to paint our similarities.” – Scott Tallman Powers.

Scott Tallman Powers is an acclaimed artist driven by the authenticity of human emotion. His paintings portray his experiences in an honest and sensitive manner with as much integrity as possible. Being a globe trotter, he has painted people all the way from China to Mexico and also the US.

Scott captures the emotions and nuances of every human he has painted on the canvas. His devotion to the search for diverse cultures is evident in the many oil paintings.