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types of landscape paintings

The Different Types of Landscape Paintings

There are three common types of landscape paintings in the art world. The focus of any landscape painting is the land or environment that an artist finds themself in. Typically, paintings of landscapes will focus only on the natural aspects of a scene and are commonly devoid of human and animal depictions.

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Impressionistic Landscape Paintings

When you hear the word “Impressionistic,” you might initially think of Monet’s Impressionist style and the exquisitely blissful landscapes and gardens we all know. However, “Impressionistic” paintings are a more modern form of earlier Impressionist art that became popular in the 1860s.

Even with separate classifications, Impressionistic paintings are similar to the original Impressionists that heavily influence them. This art style is popular in landscapes because it makes it possible for artists to emote using color saturation, lighting, focus, and manipulation of the scene as necessary.

This unique form of landscape painting allows the artist to take more creative expressions with the natural beauty around them. Impressionistic landscape artists accentuate the natural scenery with more feeling, which encourages individuals to experience each artwork with an emotional charge.

Representational Landscape Paintings

Representational landscape paintings are typically realistic paintings that attempt to capture the essence of nature. The artist may use multiple mediums to portray representations of each aspect of the final piece of art, but ultimately, the art depicts a realistic expression of the theme.

However, it is important for art viewers to understand that there is no requirement for a representational landscape painting to be photorealistic. Artists can reproduce a natural environment or landscape with minor changes while still maintaining a more traditional representational landscape style of painting.

Additional types of common representational styles or categories of landscapes can include hardscapes, oceanscapes, skyscapes, and even moonscapes. In essence, the representational style of landscape paintings is a literal translation of the natural environment onto a canvas or paper.

Abstract Landscape Paintings

Abstract landscapes are a stark contrast to realistic and representational landscapes. This form of modern art allows the landscape artist to alter or hyperfocus on the defining elements of the environment. Abstract art gives landscape artists adequate freedom to express their perceptions of the environment without the constrictions or limitations of reality.

One abstract work of art may not initially appear abstract until closer examination, while others might be immediately recognizable as abstract. Some common abstract types of landscape paintings can include Cubism, line art, color blocking, halftones, and pointillism or pop art effects.

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