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Howard Terpning 90th Birthday Series

Howard Terpning turned 90 on November 5th, 2017! Fine Art Publishing celebrated Howard’s 90th birthday by launching a special new series of limited editions of some of Howard’s classic works – the Howard Terpning 90th Birthday Series™.

Each edition in the Howard Terpning 90th Birthday Series features a Terpning work specifically selected by Howard for the Series and is limited to 90 standard signed and numbered giclée prints on canvas. As a special gift to collectors, included with each canvas is an identically numbered, high quality 5” x 7” Remarque print on paper of a new image created by Howard that ties in to the featured work. Twenty artist’s proofs of both the canvas and paper print have been produced. Every canvas and paper print carries a special designator signifying its status as a Howard Terpning 90th Birthday Series edition print.

Status Symbols painting

1. Status Symbols

Giclee Image Size: 34’H x 26’W
Retail Price: $1,150
Original Painting: 40’H x 30’W

The Ploy painting

2. The Ploy

Giclee Image Size: 26″H x 42″W
Retail Price: $1,500
Original Painting: 30″H x 48″W

Crossing Below the Falls painting

3. Crossing Below the Falls

Giclee Image Size: 56″H x 40″W
Retail Price: $2,950
Original Painting: 64″H x 46″W

Sioux Flag Carrier painting

4. Sioux Flag Carrier

Giclee Image Size: 14″H x 12.5″W
Retail Price: $400
Original Painting: 18″H x 16″W

Dust of Many Pony Soldiers painting

5. Dust of Many Pony Soldiers

Giclee Image Size: 34″H x 50″W
Retail Price: $2,300
Original Painting: 38″H x 56″W

Shield of Her Husband painting

6. Shield of Her Husband

Giclee Image Size: 34″h x 26″W
Retail Price: $1,150
Original Painting: 40″H x 30″W