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Howard Terpning Portrait Series

A Collection of 40 Years

The Howard Terpning portrait series showcases 40 years of Native American faces from our history. The unique individuals and their character are brought to life with twelve images. Five in full color, five using mixed media, and two in black and white. The series was designed to keep things simple as a standard 10 x 8 picture frame will accommodate the format. Click here to view a video on the different ways you can frame the images. Each still has a canvas border should you wish to stretch the image. We will release one image per quarter over the next 3 years with only 150 signed and numbered per image. Priced at $245 each. There is a BONUS and FREE OFFER below.

Pre-purchase the first 6 images now or the full set (all 12 images) and be the first to receive them all in October 2019! Now, by popular demand, you can purchase the complete set at the special pre-publication price of $2,600 and not wait for extended delivery. Receive the entire collection at once! This offer is time limited, August 31st is the deadline to order the first 6 or full set of all 12. Collectors who pre-purchase a set of 6 or 12 will also receive the complimentary limited edition print of Weather Dancer Dream and/or The Healing Power of the Raven Bundle.

If you would like to participate in the free offer and purchase the first 6 images upfront or all 12, please contact us at:


  • All 12 images will be 9.75 x 7.75
  • Editions of 150
  • Every image priced at $245
  • Release, 1 per Quarter
  • Canvas Giclee
Kiowa painting

Kiowa – 1990

Premier Release

The Skeptic painting

The Skeptic – 1982

3rd week October 2019

Crow painting

Crow – 1996

3rd week January 2020

War Paint painting

War Paint – 1989

3rd week April 2020

Crow Brave painting

Crow Brave – 1980

3rd week July 2020

Sisters painting

Sisters – 1998

3rd week October 2020

Three Trophies painting

Three Trophies – 2016

Image Size: 24″H x 18″W

Receive a Bonus!

Collect the first 6 images over eighteen months and you will receive a special price on Three Trophies. Then, collect the remaining 6 images over eighteen months and receive the special price on Red Blanket Coat. Special price is $545. The standard price is $875 for those who do not collect all 6 images. The first 6 images will include 1 black and white, 2 mixed media, and 3 color images. The remaining 6 images will include 1 black and white, 3 mixed media, and 2 color images. The bonus images will be available when the sixth (6th) image and twelfth (12th) image are released.

Red Blanket Coat painting

Red Blanket Coat – 2000

Image Size: 24″H x 19″W

Mescalero Apache painting

Mescalero Apache – 1994

3rd week January 2021

Northern Peigan painting

Northern Peigan – 2017

3rd week April 2021

Woman With Red Scarf painting

Woman With Red Scarf – 1986

3rd week July 2021

One Man's Dignity painting

One Man’s Dignity – 1983

3rd week October 2021

Medicine Wheel painting

Medicine Wheel – 2016

3rd week January 2022

Sioux Elder painting

Sioux Elder – 2009

3rd week April 2022

Free Offer!

Purchase the first six images upfront and receive a free limited edition paper print of The Weather Dancer Dream, a $225 value. Then after 18 months you can purchase the remaining six images upfront and receive a free limited edition paper print of The Healing Power of the Raven Bundle, a $275 value. Purchase the entire Series of all twelve (12) images upfront for a discounted price of $2,600 and you will receive both prints right away. The remaining 5 or 11 images from the Series will ship in October, 2019. You may also reserve a specific number when pre-paying. The free offer will ship with the first image in the series you are pre-paying. Offer valid for the first 100 orders only! Offer expires August 31, 2019 for the first six (6) or all twelve (12) images.

Terms and Conditions for Pre-Paid program.

The Weather Dancer Dream painting

The Weather Dancer Dream

The Healing Power of the Raven Bundle painting

The Healing Power of the Raven Bundle