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Comanche Spoilers (Artists Proof)

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On August 1, 1840, a Comanche army of warriors, women and boys totaling approximately 1000 people, started south toward the level plains that fell away to the Gulf of Mexico. They passed San Antonio, raiding ranches and settlements along the way until they reached Linnville at Lavaca Bay. They broke into John Linn’s warehouse, loaded with goods awaiting shipment to San Antonio. The Indians loaded all manner of merchandise onto horses and mules, now numbering in the thousands and proceeded back north on a route that would take them to Plum Creek.

The men rode with women’s parasols, stovepipe hats, ribbons and all kinds of goods stolen from the warehouse. The warriors rode in the lead with the horse herd and the women and children followed with the pack mules. Flankers were spread out along the column. The procession created towering clouds of dust. As they approached Plum Creek, they were met by an army of Texans who opened fire and charged. In the ensuing battle, more than 80 Comanches were killed, many were captured and the rest scattered in all directions.

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