Do not Disturb

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Is this serious brave pondering past or future battles, planning a hunting strategy, or perhaps thinking about a young woman he is courting? Even if this young man is momentarily lost in a simple daydream, it does not appear to be the time to disturb him. Something is in the works, on the horizon, and his horse is alert.

Capturing the humanity of the Plains People–their strength, honor, beauty and freedom and the harmony with the land that sustains their life, is Howard Terpning’s extraordinary talent. It would be impossible for him to portray such emotion and power so convincingly if he did not possess these same qualities himself.

Works of art such as Terpning’s Do Not Disturb allow us to reflect upon the values of a time gone by that we believe represent the best of who we are today. This Greenwich Workshop Limited Edition Canvas delivers that same quality art experience because it is itself a fine work of art. Created hand-in-hand with the artist, and then signed by Terpning himself, this edition of only 85 may not be as rare as the original but is a highly collectible work of art itself.

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23"w x 31"h

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May 2015