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Hard Trails Wore Out More Than Ponies

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Few works garner more attention at the major shows than a Howard Terpning painting. Devotion to the subject, extraordinary brushwork and a sensitive palette drive the thunderous acclaim. “Hard Trails Wore Out More than Ponies” brings together all these elements in a classic Terpning work of art. The original painting won the Thomas Moran Memorial Award for Painting at the Autry National Center’s 2008 Masters of the American West Fine Art Exhibition and Sale and sold for over $1.25 million.

Moccasins and all manner of equipment wore out constantly when the Plains Indians were traveling, says Howard Terpning. The long days were hard on their ponies and their gear. On lengthy journeys, they always carried awls and extra buckskin to make repairs on their moccasins. These three Blackfoot men have stopped to rest their horses and themselves so that they may continue on their hard trail.

This spectacular MasterWork Fine Art Limited Edition captures both the scale and the sensitivity of the award-winning original and is your chance to bring home the masterful craft of Howard Terpning.

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