A New Beginning

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Image Size:33"w x 28"h
Limited Edition of:55
Production Date:March 2017
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Image Size

33"w x 28"h

Limited Edition of


Production Date

March 2017


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Howard Terpning said that this is the first time he has painted a picture that has somewhat of a romantic theme. Romance among young American Indian people was just as important as with any cultural group. So, why not do a painting that depicts the love that is shared by the two people in the scene. The setting happens to be in Montana, but it could be almost anywhere in the Northern Plains. This couple has packed all their worldly goods on their horses and they are heading out on their own to make a temporary camp in some remote location. After a period of days or weeks, they will pack up their small camp and move back to their relatives and friends at the main camp. It is a new life together and A New Beginning.