Coup Sticks and War Paint

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Image Size:26"w x 28"h
Limited Edition of:150
Production Date:September 2009
Weight 80 oz
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Image Size

26"w x 28"h

Limited Edition of


Production Date

September 2009


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These two Northern Plains warriors have applied their war paint and are ready for whatever trouble comes their way. To count coup on an enemy was a great war honor. It meant touching the enemy with any object in the warrior’s hand a bow, a rifle or a special stick usually adorned with at least one feather. It was called a coup stick and was carried for the express purpose of touching an enemy if he could get close enough. An accumulation of these war honors built a warrior’s reputation among his people, gave him great stature and gained the admiration of the people in his camp. His prowess as a strong warrior also made him more desirable to the young maidens who might be looking for a suitable mate.