The Captured Ponies – Artist’s Proof



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Image Size:28"H x 44"W
Limited Edition of:20
Edition Type:LIMITED EDITION CANVAS - Artists Proof
Production Date:August 19, 2019
Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 50 in
Edition Type


Image Size

28"H x 44"W

Limited Edition of


Production Date

August 19, 2019


In March of 2012, The Capture Ponies sold at auction for $1.9 million. Here is your chance to own the image as a Limited Edition Canvas Print. Howard Terpning states that:


Capturing ponies was a serious adventure for young warriors. It was a way to prove their prowess and bravery. Returning to their village with a stolen herd of ponies was one major way of gaining prestige in their camps. They might also give away some ponies which also enhanced their standing in the camp. Under cover of darkness, they might steal into an enemy camp and attempt to capture a favorite mount that would be tethered at a chief’s lodge. This would be a great accomplishment that deserved much praise. The warriors in this painting are wearing certain regalia and are probably riding around camp to show off their horse stealing prowess.

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