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Offerings to the Little People

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Planting tobacco seeds was a religious event performed by members of the tobacco society which held a high position in the Crow tribe. Men and women belonged to the order which had many subdivisions. Once the ground was prepared, a barrier of branches was laid around the garden to keep people out and protect the plants. These gardens were often placed near a stream or river.

Small offerings were attached to the branches such as bits of ribbon, feathers, etc. The men and women used digging sticks to poke holes in the ground and stir up the soil. Once the seeds were planted, sticks about 18 inches long were inserted into the ground with small medicine bundles attached. The Crow believed that little people lived in the ground and helped to make the tobacco plants grow, so small medicine bundles containing berries, herbs, dung, etc., along with tiny moccasins and other miniature articles of clothing, were offered to encourage the little people to help in the success of the crop.

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