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Patient Provider

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A Howard Terpning Fine Art Edition represents the vision, quality and value you receive when you invest in a work of art from The Greenwich Workshop: the finest art from the finest artists. “Patient Provider” reflects the values, purpose and determination of the Edition’s owner as much as it does the proud people it depicts. The roles of father, son, husband, brother, friend, protector and provider are not always comfortable and easy, yet they define our highest purposes and the greatest accomplishments.

The demand for Terpning’s paintings is incredible. About the only downside of that success is the lack of availability of his original work to even the most serious collector. It has been through the exacting reproduction of our Fine Art Edition program that a select audience has been able to enjoy the beauty of Howard’s work. “Patient Provider” is no exception. This 26″ x 19″ canvas captures every detail and nuance of this master’s original painting. Patient Provider will be made available to collectors in an edition of only 85.

The art you hang on your walls reflects your outlook on life and “Patient Provider” is a fine message to send.

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