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The Captain’s Horse

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The Apache, like most Plains Indian tribes, made horse stealing into a high art. Horses were captured from other tribes and from the white men and their soldiers. The introduction of the horse forever transformed everything about a Native culture that previously lived only on foot; how they hunted, traveled and even competed for honors within their tribes. A captured cavalry horse that had been ridden by a captain is a bigger prize than one that belonged to an enlisted man, Howard Terpning says. The theft or capture of this horse will bring more bragging rights.

This lone Apache, armed and confident, may be cooling off his horse, or hiding his tracks, as he cuts through the hot, dry territory in the Southwest. We can only imagine how this Apache warrior was able to obtain this mount, muses Terpning. The title, ‘The Captain’s Horse,’ hints at enough of a story to trigger our imagination and let the viewer draw their own conclusions.

Howard Terpning Editions featuring the Apache tribe are among the most highly desired by collectors. ‘The Captain’s Horse’ is also unique in its physical size and price point. At 16″ x 13″ it fits well in places that a larger Terpning cannot, but is not as diminutive in its impact or size as a mini-ature. The $345 price point is attractive for a Terpning as well. Set in an edition of only 200, there’s a good chance that someone can steal away your copy of The Captain’s Horse if you don’t contact your Greenwich Workshop Dealer today.

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