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The Long Shot (Limited Edition Canvas)

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Howard Terpning wishes he never sold the original painting of The Long Shot. Given the body of work he has created, to single out this image is a statement unto itself. The fact that the poster we released in 1983 has never gone out of print attests to the potency of the image. Over the past few years (with a sparkle in his eye) Howard has occasionally said, You know, The Long Sho ‘would make a beautiful canvas. Perhaps a little slow on the uptake, we’ve realized just how right Howard is, The Long Shot does make a beautiful fine art canvas. The giclée on canvas process has enabled us to create a fine art reproduction of the original with the size, fidelity and vibrancy we could never attain in a poster. For those to whom the poster of such a fine work of art is not enough, this release is for you. We’re quite certain where at least one of these will end up hanging.

This Crow warrior is sighting down the barrel of a Sharp’s 50 caliber buffalo rifle, Terpning says of The Long Shot.It was a heavy weapon, so in the kneeling position it was necessary to support the barrel with some type of bipod-in this case, crossing two arrows does the trick. The Sharp was very accurate at long range and could bring down buffalo at a distance far beyond that of even the more advanced rifles, so it was a rifle much sought after by the Plains people. This marksman has two friends intently watching to see if his aim is true so they will have meat in their lodges at the end of the day.”

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