Three Generations

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An extended family of Crow women is portrayed in Three Generations. Skilled in the many demanding domestic tasks of their culture, these tribeswomen passed their traditions down from one generation to the next, ensuring the future of their tribe and customs. In this family portrait, the distinctive and expressive faces of the grandmother, mother and granddaughter are unique and yet universal. The middle generation carries the weight of responsibility with dignity, the elder, perhaps, now knows joy in understanding the circle of all life and the adolescent is in that awkward stage we see in many of our own family portraits!

Howard Terpning, one of the most renowned and honored artists of our time, paints the heritage and culture of Native Americans, and in particular, the Plains Indians. “Grandfather Speaks” and “The Teachings of My Grandmother” are sold out fine art canvas prints that focus on the importance of elders to the family life of the Plains Indian.

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