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How Do I Find Out More About the Artist?

How do I find out more ab out the artist, painting.When you are taken back by the beauty and magnificence of a stunning work of art, the first instinct includes curiosity about the creator of the piece. Who painted this? What other works have they produced? What’s their story, their inspiration? What’s the story behind this piece I love so much? How Do I Find Out More About the Artist? These are some of the common questions art admirers have when they view great paintings.

Satisfy Your Curiosity

For some pieces, the answers to these questions cannot be found. Indeed, some art historians have devoted their lives to uncovering such answers, and in the case of some works, the answer may never be found. But for many pieces, especially contemporary pieces, the answers are readily available if you know where to look. At Fine Art Publishing, we like to make your experience as rich as possible–which is why we endeavor to feed your curiosity in a straightforward way so you can fully enjoy the process of admiration, ownership, and art consumption.

Featured Artist Bios

Here, we will briefly discuss the five master artists we feature with the finest quality limited edition prints, and we will direct you to more in-depth sources for researching pleasure. Enjoy getting to know our decorated American West painters and artists, and don’t hesitate to follow your passion for a deep-dive into their histories and personalities.

Bill Anton

Bill Anton’s work has been published in Southwest Art, Architectural Digest, Art of the West, Equine Images, Western Horseman and Art-Talk. He was featured on the cover of the April 2006 American Artist magazine. Corporate collections that includes his work are Sears, Dupont, State Farm Insurance, Bank of America, Hewlett Packard, and Trust Company of the West. His award-winning work has been displayed at the Prix de West at the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum, Master of the American West at The Autry Museum, The National Center for American Western Art, The Old West Museum and The National Museum of Wildlife Art. In addition, his work is in the permanent collection of the prestigious Gilcrease Museum. Find out more about Bill Anton here.

How Do I Find Out More About the Artist John Coleman?

John Coleman is an American sculptor and painter whose work focuses primarily on the works of the Southwest American region. He is known for his intricate sculptures of Native American and American explorer subjects. His talent for creating poignant sculpting is also on display in his beautiful painting artistry. Mr. Coleman was born in California in 1949 and his penchant for art was cultivated by his parents and especially his mother who would frequent art galleries with John while on family vacations to Laguna Beach for example. Learn more about John Coleman here.

Howard Terpning

Howard Terpning has become one of the most lauded painters of Western art today and is considered by many a national treasure. When Howard Terpning’s paintbrush touches the canvas, there is a profound commitment behind its spirit, a vital force that drives the originality of each painting with a heartfelt purpose. The compassion, strength, and vulnerability that radiates from the canvas is not only a testament to his skills, but a reflection of the artist, and the man himself. Terpning is amongst the rare group of artists to see his work sell for over a million dollars in his lifetime. This is not only a rating of the mastery of his skills as an artist but of his employment of them to allow the viewer to experience the deep respect for people and nature that drives his art. Learn more about Howard Terpning here.

Scott Tallman Powers

Scott Tallman Powers gets a lot of his inspiration from many different cultures from all over the world, including our own. The human element is at the core of his journey. The people, places, and experiences have sewn there way into Scott’s inspirations for many years; giving him a better understanding of the world we live in. He has traveled extensively to many countries to find the inspiration he thrives on and searches to find the balance between cultures. Scott’s goal is to express the stories and experiences as honestly, sensitively and with as much integrity as he can. This is a passion that is growing day by day and mile by mile. Learn more about Scott Tallman Powers here.

How Do I Find Out More About the Artist Morgan Weistling?

Morgan Weistling is nationally recognized as one of America’s top contemporary painters today. Amongst his numerous museum awards, Weistling is a two-time winner of the coveted Prix de West Award at the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City and he is also the youngest to have ever won that award. Morgan has been equally successful in the print market for 18 years. With numerous sold-out editions of his work, his name has become instantly recognizable in the world of limited editions. Find out more about Morgan Weistling here.

Fine Art Publishing’s Proudly Featured Artists

Fine Art Publishing is proud to represent artists of the highest caliber and present you with their incredible artwork. Fine Art Publishing will continue to produce only the best Fine Art Limited Edition Prints. Art is a visual experience that tells a story from a moment in time that touches the soul. There are so many more moments to see and Fine Art Publishing will continue to offer new art and new, rich art experiences. Now that you have the answer to How Do I Find Out More About the Artist, you can now explore our vast gallery of artwork and choose the right fit for you.