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Howard Terpning: Portrait of A Storyteller (Blu-ray)

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This feature-length film delivers an exciting American success story and great entertainment. At a preview screening an audience member was overheard, “After seeing this, people will realize that Frederick Remington was the Howard Terpning of his time and not the other way around.”

“I believe that the collector who was lucky enough to have purchased the original of ‘Traders Among The Crow’ at the 2011 Masters of the American West show now owns what will be one of the most widely recognized Terpning’s ever created. The movie does a fantastic job of merging the creation of this original work with the story of Howard Terpning’s life and career; the creation of art and artist. It makes our Collector’s Edition all the more significant.

“I’ve known Howard Terpning my entire life. I learned more detail about what shaped Howard as a man and as an artist in an hour and a half than I would have thought possible: childhood western experiences, two separate calls to duty, the illustration years and his rise in western art. Certainly, I’ve been aware of these experiences but not with the same clarity and detail.

“As the filmmaker Douglas Thompson told me, ‘This is a story about the American experience that could only happen here: the saga of the American Indian; an account of an inspirational American and a chronical of original and significant American art.’ I couldn’t agree more.”

“To watch this film and then read the book is an inspiring experience.”

– Scott Usher, Publisher The Greenwich Workshop

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