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How to Choose Art from an Online Southwest Art Gallery

When someone visits your home, what do they see? The items you surround yourself with should be a reflection of your personality and unique style. Fine artwork sourced from an online Southwest art gallery or art publishing company can effectively draw together the different elements of a room to present a cohesive theme. There are no set-in-stone rules when it comes to choosing artwork for your home. However, when you visit an online Southwest art gallery or art publishing company, you may want to consider the following tips.

Select the right space for your artwork

Before you can choose the right artwork for your home, you need to decide which space you’ll use for it. This is because every room in your home can set a different mood or ambience. You should select Western artwork that is in harmony with that ambiance. First, consider the color palette of the room. You may want to select a piece that pairs well with that color palette.

You should also measure the space to determine what size of art edition to select. As a general rule of thumb, artwork should hang at least 15 centimeters above the height of a piece of furniture. If you’re hanging the artwork over a sofa, look for a piece that is about two-thirds the length of the couch. If you have a particularly large space, you may want to fill it with a cluster of two to three smaller prints instead of one large one.

Southwest art gallery painting of a white horse.

Decide on a focus or theme

As you click through the images on an art publishing website or Southwest art gallery, you’ll notice that Western art tends to focus either on nature or on the human element within nature. Consider whether you prefer an edition in which nature is the prominent theme or whether you prefer to showcase the human element instead.

Understand key terms used by online Southwest art gallery publishers

You will notice that an online Southwest art gallery uses distinct terminology to classify the different prints. You’ll want to check the edition size if you’re purchasing an authentic print. This indicates how many editions total have been produced. The smaller the edition size is, the more exclusive your print will be. Another term to watch for is “sold out at publisher.” This indicates that the online art publisher no longer has the original for that edition. If your heart is set on that particular piece, check with your art dealer for secondary market possibilities.

You can purchase exquisite limited editions directly from Fine Art Publishing or through a Southwest art gallery we work with. We are proud to feature an extensive collection of Howard Terpning limited editions, as well as artwork from other selected artists of notable reputation. Please check our FAQs page for the answers to commonly asked questions. You can also give us a call in Tucson at (520) 274-4992 for more information.

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How to Incorporate Colorful Southwestern Art into Your Home

How to Incorporate Colorful Southwestern Art into Your Home

Every region of the world is known for its own unique style and common elements that infuse its artwork. In the Southwest, the artwork benefits from a blend of influences, including Mexican and Native American. Colorful Southwestern art embraces warm tones, geometric patterns, and natural elements, all of which will grace your home with beauty. You can use the following tips to seamlessly incorporate southwest decor canvas art into your living spaces.

Set Southwestern art prints against warm paint colors

In many different cultures, it’s been traditionally believed that certain colors can ward off evil spirits. This is one reason why you’ll find lots of warm colors in traditional Southwestern interior design. A warm color palette makes the perfect backdrop for your colorful Southwestern art prints. Before you hang your prints, you might want to give your walls a fresh coat of paint. Consider shades of yellow, orange, red, and gold. An earthy brown also looks right at home in a Southwestern interior design. Taos blue, which is a combination of violet and light blue, is another popular choice in Southwestern-style homes.

southwestern art

Complement the art prints with textiles

The colorful Southwestern art you will hang on your walls is only one part of your design scheme. You can complement your beautiful art prints with textiles. In rooms with wood floors, consider adding a bold area rug with a geometric pattern in the Southwestern tradition. Look for throw pillows in warm colors. You might also consider framing textiles to hang on the wall alongside your art prints. A pair of traditional Mexican needlepoint blouses would look striking in frames on the wall. Separate them with a colorful Southwestern art print of horses, cowboys, or a Native American chief.

Complete the look with decorative accessories

Your Southwestern art prints will certainly be the centerpiece of any room. However, you can enhance the overall look by adding decorative accessories throughout the space. No Southwestern interior design is complete without a few succulents scattered here and there. You might also look for traditional Native American pottery to place on the occasional table. If you enjoy the cowboy look, consider hanging a vintage wagon wheel on the wall near your art prints. You can find exceptional art prints at Fine Art Publishing based in Tucson, AZ. Our catalog offers exquisitely colorful Southwestern art from accomplished artists like Morgan Weistling, John Coleman, and Howard Terpning. Shop our online catalog today for genuine art prints. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter for notifications about newly added listings!

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